La Menta

La Menta, living refreshed.

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Fresh | Contemporary | Urban


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8 Multi-Family Townhome Development, East Vancouver, BC

La Menta features eight walk-up multi-family townhomes in the vibrant Commercial Drive neighbourhood of East Vancouver. The client’s request was to communicate the developments’ unique and modern offering while paying homage to the property’s previous owner, a well-known, long-term member of the community.
NatPark Creative - La Menta
NatPark Creative - La Menta

La Menta, mint in Italian, is a fresh addition to any dish. Like the flavour itself, La Menta townhomes provide bold and bright new living spaces in Vancouver’s Commercial Drive area.

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Inspired by Pietro Aiello, a significant presence in the community, these townhomes are thoughtfully designed to create connections among its residents with a communal courtyard and bridged entryways—symbolized in the two-toned green leaf logo.
NatPark Creative - La Menta-Poster
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La Menta invites homeowners to experience a fresh way of living for their next chapter.
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La Menta, living refreshed.