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248-Unit Low Rise Condo Development by Adera in Surrey Central, BC

To develop the branding and website for an upcoming 248-Unit mass timber development in Surrey Central West Village, BC. This included crafting the brand name, tagline, story, messaging and aesthetic to communicate the development’s central location and innovative building materials in a meaningful and memorable way that would appeal to the target demographic.
NatPark Creative - Pura - Adera
NatPark Creative - Pura - Adera

PURA is a mass timber development located in Surrey Central’s West Village, a location quickly becoming known as “the new downtown”.

Our goal was to create a meaningful and memorable brand experience at every brand touchpoint; a brand that connected to the target audience and stood out in a crowded marketplace while staying true to Adera’s core values and reputation as defined through its “Building for Better Lives” brand vision and its “Live West Coast” brand motto.

NatPark Creative - Pura -Signage

A key focus of the offering was centered around wellness. With this in mind, and with an identified younger and primarily South Asian first time home buyer demographic, PURA was born.

PURA meaning is “whole” is where ultimate well-being thrives and where each of the eight points of wellness are nurtured for a successful, vibrant, and balanced lifestyle: emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, occupational, spiritual, social, and financial.

NatPark Creative - Pura - Adera
NatPark Creative - Pura - Adera

It was imporant for the brand to not only connect with the end-user occupants, but also their parents who could be financially contributing to the purchase.

In this regard, the logo was developed to pay hommage to the star anise spice evoking a sensual connection to the comforts of home cooking, with its 8 star points each representing a point of wellness.

NatPark Creative - Pura - Adera
NatPark Creative - Pura -ToteBag
NatPark Creative - Pura - Adera
NatPark Creative - Pura Adera
NatPark Creative - Pura-Adera

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*NPC is proud to have been the strategic creative partner on this award winning project.
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